The Beauty of Border Tiles

Border TilesIf you intend to bring some attention to a floor or a wall, or you want to make a high-ceiling room look warm and cozy, adding a border is the perfect and most convenient solution. There is a vast number of options available to choose from that range from border tiles including striking patterns, artful designs and colourful tiles that enhance the rest of the more neutral coloured wall and floor tiles. You can add designs, colours, shapes and patterns and combine them with ceramic trim tile, edgings and borders.

Trim tiles help to accentuate the installation and hide the edges of the field tiles. Borders and edgings also come under the category of trim tiles. Their shapes, colours, designs, and patterns provide definition and accents to your layout. Trim tiles are divided into two, namely, surface trim and radius trim. Surface trim is mostly useful when the setting bed and the surrounding surface are on the same plane. Radius trim comes in handy when the setting bed is above the surrounding surface.

There are several aspects that you need to account for before choosing the ideal border tile for your arrangement to make it aesthetically pleasing. One needs to make sure to get trim tiles from the same manufacturer who is providing you with the field tiles. If you cannot the both, then you should rather go for metal, wood, or PVC edging.

Budget has commonly been the main issue when it comes to trim tiles as they can be doubly expensive than field tiles. But nothing beats borders as they look spectacular, especially because they define edges dramatically. Borders tiles are a great way of spicing up a professional looking layout. It is most commonly used to finish an edge to perfection. Accent tiles, at times made of glass, can take almost any form but usually come in handy when you are dealing with contrasting colours, sizes, shapes, or textures.

What type of border tiles would make your layout like you dreamed of is also determined by the spectrum of colours that you choose. For instance, you can select lighter hues to make a small or dark room look bigger and radiant. You can choose to be bold and adventurous by using wild, bright and exotic colours which can give fascinating and unique effects in your home. It is all about one’s personal preference. You can take the liberty to add extra spice by breaking up the wall tiling with border tiles and decors.

Border and décor tiles are available in a range of configurations to suit your design requirements. Edge trim look stunning with rounded edges and can be used along the boundaries of walls and counter tops. You can also lay them out as base tiles on the floor. But stay within the confines of what you have seen and idealized. Once you are sure about your bathroom palette, you are free to choose from the wide array of borders to match your tiles and create enlivening features in your living space.

Cheap Garage Flooring Options: Cut Costs, Not Quality

There are several solutions to improving your garage, and two of the best ideas for this are reflooring and organizing. If you need to (or can afford to) do both it makes more sense to first work on the flooring, as there’s no sense in organizing your garage only to have to move everything again to refloor it.

The biggest benefit to reflooring is protection for your subfloor. Daily wear and tear on most garage floors can be tough, so your options will depend on how you plan to use your garage. However, garage flooring doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be good. You can actually cut costs without sacrificing quality by looking into some of these options.


This is the least expensive method, but it has limited use. Rubber works well if you plan on your garage functioning as a kid’s playroom, a family room, a workout room with a home gym, or primarily as a storage facility.


Rubber provides good insulation and a sound buffer when there’s going to be a lot of movement through the garage. It also offers additional safety against minor injuries from falling.


Petroleum products like oils and grease and heat can damage rubber flooring, so if you live in a hot climate, don’t leave the garage door open for long periods of time. Also watch out for hot car tires; you won’t be happy with melted rubber in your garage.

Roll-out PVC Flooring

Slightly more expensive than rubber, PVC—also known as mat flooring—makes a notable difference in a garage. It’s easier to install than tougher materials like epoxy. It doesn’t require adhesive, and cleaning is a cinch since you can pick up the mats and hose them off if needed.


Mats come in a variety of colors for any kind of theme you might be following. Patterned or ribbed designs help with traction, and as we mentioned before, it is less expensive and easier to install than epoxy.


There aren’t many downsides to roll-out PVC, but don’t expect it to look like a designer job. And, while installation is relatively easy (all you need is a utility/carpet knife), you’ll want to take care to join your edges with an overlapping technique to avoid creating seams.

Tile PVC Flooring

Tile provides more of a professional look that the roll-out type. Like its mat counterpart, it’s fairly easy to install as no adhesive is necessary. It’s a bit thicker than the mats, so you’ll need a cutting tool that’s stronger than a utility knife when installing. You may want to opt for the interlocking tiles as they’ll create a seamless look.


This type of PVC also comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is easy to install. This flooring will create a nicer look than using PVC mats.


The thicker mat surface is easier to dent and mar. However, there are self-correcting tiles that will spring back into shape after a couple of days. While installation is still easy, it will take longer to install than the roll-out type.


This is the most expensive of the aforementioned flooring options and it is the most difficult to install. If you aren’t experienced at this, start looking for someone who is, or find a professional. Also, don’t scrimp on the quality of the epoxy product; there are some sub-standard products out there that will cause you grief in the long run.


Epoxy is very durable and with proper installation, it will look great and offer lasting protection to your garage subfloor.


It is difficult and time consuming to install for any DIYer, so you will probably need to seek out professional help. Obviously this also piles additional costs on top of the more expensive material.

VIDEO: How to Epoxy Coat a Garage Floor

Other Flooring Alternatives

There are several additional types of flooring styles made by different manufacturers that don’t fall into these larger categories. If you’ll be working with tiles, the interlocking ones are best, for both aesthetic reasons and because they hold up well to turning tires. Costs will vary on the usual factors – style, quality, the amount of product needed, shipping fees, etc.


Just because it’s a garage floor doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Choose among a wide selection of intricate designs available including diamond plate, ribbed, coin, etc.

Wood Veneers

If you are utilizing your garage as a second family room or play room for the toddlers, you might even consider veneers. Yes, faux wood does have a home in the garage.


If you’re floor is dingy, but in otherwise good condition, you might be able to spruce things up a bit with a splash of color and shine with concrete paint.

Area Mats

A fall-back option to doing the entire floor is to use garage floor mats in a select area. They come in different sizes and textures and are easily transportable. They’re also good for preventing floor stains, grease spots, and can do double duty work in basements. Containment mats will usually have raised edges thereby allowing them to hold liquids such as oil, grease, water, coolant, etc. These can even be great to use on an already-refloored garage.

In the end, reflooring your garage will not only make it more enjoyable and easier to maintain, but it will add more utility to this often under-appreciated space that is part of your home. Additionally, a garage that looks well-kept just might improve your home’s resale value.

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Replacing A Broken Tile

You will want to replace broken or cracked tiles to maintain the appearance of a room. It is also important to replace them because damaged tiles can lead to leaks in the room, which can damage walls and floors, and may lead to mold problems and eventually structural damage.Use a grout raker to remove the grout from around the edge of the broken tile. Check for electricity or water supplies using a detector. Weaken the tile surface further by drilling a number of holes through it. Use a club hammer and chisel to remove sections of the broken tile. Be sure to wear gloves and protective goggles. Apply tile adhesive to the back of a tile using an adhesive spreader. Position the tile, checking that it sits flush. Use spacers to maintain grout gaps. When dry, remove the spacers and grout the joints.

Reusing Broken Tiles

Before you dispose of the pieces of tile from your repair job, consider a few other options. Broken tile can be used for decorative mosaic elements in your home. Mosaic patterns can enhance flower pots, picture frames, and be used as part of a unique flooring design. If you are planning to have potted plants, broken tiles can be used as a bottom layer in the pot to help with drainage.

Broken Tile

Set the New Tile

Comb a small amount of thinset mortar over the substrate in straight furrows using a one-fourth inch notched trowel. For best adhesion, also butter the back of the new tile with thinset. Set the tile in place and press down firmly to level it with the surrounding tile. Adjust it so the spacing is even on all sides.,,20051584_869330,00.html

Whether you are a novice or a professional, attempting to remove and replace a wall or floor tile with a new one is always difficult. Even the experienced tradesman will not succeed on every occasion so to these ends this guide will show you how to remove wall tiles and also give you tips on removing floor tiles.

Fitting The New Tile

Dust out the hole and apply a thin layer of tile adhesive, with either a scraper or an adhesive spreader, to the back of the tile before pressing it in place.

Position spacers (or thick cardboard that will maintain the same gap between the tiles) in the joints to prevent the tile from slipping out of position while the adhesive dries – this is a must for wall tiles but not vital if replacing a floor tile.

Plastic Tool Storage Boxes

If you are looking for a storage solution for any room of the home, or for an office setting, at a low price, there are quite a few plastic tool storage boxes that you can choose from. If you need something big or small, or a mid sized box, there are a number of items to consider, and you can find different features with certain boxes. Some will have locks, others are going to have combinations to lock the drawers, and some will offer electronic push features, making opening and closing the box a cinch if you are in a hurry and on the go.

Open Lid Box

If you have a few small tools and supplies that you need to store away, you can purchase the open box style plastic tool storage boxes. They have no lid, and can either be square or rectangular shaped, allowing you to simply drop things in, and take them out when you are in a hurry, and need a specific tool to use right away.

Small Compartment Storage

If you need to store nails, tacks, measuring tape, and other small supplies, you can choose the storage boxes that have smaller compartments along the front or side end of the box. You can compartmentalize the box based on the small items you are going to store, and you can quickly and easily find the screw size or nails you need, if you have each size in its own storage compartment in the larger storage box.

Top Lock Box

If you have pricey tools, electric power tools, and other large tools that you want to protect, you can choose the plastic tool storage boxes that lock, and require either a key or some kind of combination on the lock pad, in order for you to be able to get in to the box. Not only can you protect your belongings and pricey tools, you can also take the storage box anywhere, and to any job site, knowing that you are the only person that is going to be able to get in to it, when you need to take out certain tools.

Portable Boxes

If you need something for on the go use, you can also find the plastic storage boxes on wheels, or those that are smaller in size, and have a handle, so you can carry it around with you to any job site you are headed off to. No matter what tools you need, there are different boxes, and different size options to choose from, so you can take the tools that you need with you, and to ensure you are getting a safe box when you take your expensive tools with you.

With several product lines, and different plastic materials to choose from, all customers are going to choose something different when in search of new plastic tool storage boxes. There are quite a few options, and you are going to be able to choose from several sizes, features, and storage boxes, based on what you need, what tools you will store, and what your budget is when choosing a new storage box.

How to Make Storage Boxes for Small Spaces : Home Organizing Moments

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Learning Tile Patterns

Tile Patterns: The Ultimate Quick Read Beginner’s Guide, Including Secrets of Tile Professionals Revealed!

Tile patterns can enhance the look, feel, and atmosphere of any room, but that is only if they are used correctly. To be able to choose the right pattern for your space you need to know the secrets of the professionals and how to apply them. And with tile pattern names like Versailles and herringbone which might not be so self-explanatory to someone who is not a pro., you’ll also need to know what each one is as well. So here are the the most useful and popular patterns which everyone considering using tiles in their home needs to know, with of course the secrets to using them to their full potential.

Learning Tile Patterns

A New Pentagon Shape That Tiles An A Plane

You can’t tile a regular pentagon – with all its sides and interior angles equal – but you can tile triangles and squares in innumerable shapes and sizes. As for a convex heptagon or octagon, it was mathematically proven there’s no such shape that can tile in a plane. Tiling pentagons, however, is an open problem, one that’s been fascinating mathematicians for over a century. The first to prove a pentagon could be tiled was German mathematician Karl Reinhardt who discovered five such shapes that tile in 1918.

Tiles of Unusual Shape and Size

When shopping for tile for the home, you will find that there are a lot of options. However, you will also find that a majority of the options are fairly standard in shape and size. Squares of various specific sizes are most common with some rectangular shapes also being widely available.

To make tile in the home more aesthetically interesting, you should choose tiles of unusual shape and size. Combining different sizes in one space (whether grouped together by size or laid out in one stretch) is a great visual option. Oddly shaped mosaics are another option. And choosing standard shapes with patterns that provide an optical illusion effect would be yet another option.

Choosing Glass Tiles for Backsplashes

Glass tiles for backsplashes are available in just about every color you can imagine. They are also made in interesting shapes beyond the typical four inch by four inch format that “backsplash tile” calls to mind, or the popular subway tile pattern. Think long, slender tiles evocative of a luxurious spa, or vintage round and octagonal mosaic tiles. Glass tiles also come in more traditional configurations such as square shapes and decorative edge pieces.

Take Ceramic Tile to a New Level

Italian Designers Take Ceramic Tile to a New Level

At Coverings, the international trade fair for ceramic and stone tile held last month in Atlanta, two Italian firms and their designers showed American audiences how sophisticated ceramic tile can be.

While many ceramic tiles today look exactly like real marble, Italian designer Giovanni Barbieri has taken things about 10 steps further. Read More.

Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile

There are lots of things to think about when you’re picking tile for floors, walls and accents, and one of them is material. Which one to choose depends partly on what you’re using it for. They’re different across a number of characteristics. Porcelain is made from a more specific type of heavily refined clay, while ceramic tile can come from different types of clay or silicate.


Porcelain tile is most commonly made from white clay. Ceramic tile can be white, though it more typically takes on a range of red or brown tones from the clay used. It’s more likely than porcelain to be glazed, either to a matte finish or a heavily shined, glossy finish, in a variety of colors or patters, and lends itself well to mosaics.


Porcelain is made from a more refined mixture of clay and is fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic is, so not only is the material more homogenous, it’s denser and heavier, and also less porous, which makes it more water-resistant and stain-resistant. It should be noted that ceramic tiles are porous enough that they can sometimes let water seep through into the structure and cause damage.


There are a number of factors that affect how well the tile wears, and individual batches can vary quite a bit. Glazed tile of either type can be more susceptible to cracking. Porcelain more often tends to wear well because of its density, and can be less likely to chip. It can even be stronger than some types of stone. As already mentioned, it resists stains and water more easily.


Porcelain has tended to be used more in commercial settings or outdoors because of its durability. It can also be quite a bit more expensive, so cost is something to consider for larger tiling projects in particular. Costs may sometimes be lower than in the past for porcelain, although costs for both types can sometimes vary, along with the strength of the specific batch. Uniform porcelain tile that’s homogenous and unglazed is generally the most expensive.


How to Remove Tile Floor

Brick and Metro Walls

Brick and Metro TilesA lot of people have great admiration with bricks, like everyone wants to experience having one. It is becoming to be popular not only for walls but floors as well. There are only few aspects that may be needing consideration such as style that you may need. Traditional look can be exciting and brick patterns are just the way you want the designs should be. Tiles like these make your spaces like kitchen and bathroom a relaxing place which can simply create unique and beautiful rooms in the house.

This type of wall tiles are bend with amazing designs which can be simple, yet creates a comfortable ambiance which appears posh and artistic. If you want to experience inspiring and beautiful interiors especially for bathrooms and kitchens, you need to look for the best decorating ideas which can totally transform your old interiors to a more modern and charming one.

Metro VS Brick

Metros are famous especially in tiling stakes and are brick shaped, sometimes oblong, and come in different sizes. Large bricks can be bolder, and smaller ones can provide an overall effect to the walls. Also, this type can enhance borders to austere painted or tiled walls, and there are a variety of colors that you can choose from. Further, these tiles include gloss and mirror effect finishes. Whatever the need is, they sure can provide, even glass versions. And because these tiles are the classic type, they can stay for longer years.

Bricks are more on the traditional and conventional style. They are perfect decorations for kitchen and bathroom interiors, and can match any fixtures in your home kitchens. This can create a traditional look in a contemporary flavor and adds charm and comfort to these spaces. These tiles can be an outstanding décor in modern bathrooms using the retro theme and elicits comfortable feelings.

Whether you use either of these wall tiles, or use them in combination, the result is always excellent. Bathrooms and other spaces infuse ideas that integrate these type of tiles as wall decors and evokes a feeling of joy and cheer. Materials that are natural, plus colors that are pleasant for bathroom and kitchen spaces enhances the mood of a person.

Here are some tips that can be useful when using these tiles for your spaces:

Fashionable kitchen tiles

There are actually countless types of tiles that can beautify a particular kitchen. You can either make designs and themes according to your taste such as retro, classy, modern or simple. Whatever it is, there are various tiles that you can work on with these.

For every project that you create, you can feature a border to emphasize its functionality and there are lovely tile designs available in the market that you can choose from. Opting for a brick and metro wall tile can be so fascinating for any kitchen project that needs to be inspired.

Inviting Bathroom tiles

Who wouldn’t want a bathroom that is cozy and fantastic? All these you can achieve if you remodel and decorate it with awesome tiles that look way attractive than you think. Glossy, easy to maintain tiles such as bricks is a mixture of practicality and fashion. There are numerous shapes as well as sizes that are available for you.

These tiles can be used as it is to suit your bathroom or can be combined with other designs that can make your bathroom look attractive. You can even be more creative and make your own patterns to make something personal and customized. Whatever you want to do with your bathroom to redecorate and refurnish it, tiles are great and stunning materials that you can use.


Our homes are the visions of ourselves. We always want to see a fresh and comfortable abode that we can share with the family, friends and those who are close to us. That is why we think of ways to provide good maintenance and refurbish parts of our homes the way we want them to be. Designs, styles and fashions for our homes are also aspects to make our lifestyle more pleasing and easy.

Materials like tiles are great deals in making our spaces such as kitchen, dining, bathroom and other areas, exciting places where we can explore and show our personalities. Our homes are the extension of ourselves, and we always expect it to be presentable, if not the best. Choose the best decors and materials in enhancing the beauty of your properties. Go for durability and style. They always go hand in hand.