Brick and Metro Walls

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Brick and Metro TilesA lot of people have great admiration with bricks, like everyone wants to experience having one. It is becoming to be popular not only for walls but floors as well. There are only few aspects that may be needing consideration such as style that you may need. Traditional look can be exciting and brick patterns are just the way you want the designs should be. Tiles like these make your spaces like kitchen and bathroom a relaxing place which can simply create unique and beautiful rooms in the house.

This type of wall tiles are bend with amazing designs which can be simple, yet creates a comfortable ambiance which appears posh and artistic. If you want to experience inspiring and beautiful interiors especially for bathrooms and kitchens, you need to look for the best decorating ideas which can totally transform your old interiors to a more modern and charming one.

Metro VS Brick

Metros are famous especially in tiling stakes and are brick shaped, sometimes oblong, and come in different sizes. Large bricks can be bolder, and smaller ones can provide an overall effect to the walls. Also, this type can enhance borders to austere painted or tiled walls, and there are a variety of colors that you can choose from. Further, these tiles include gloss and mirror effect finishes. Whatever the need is, they sure can provide, even glass versions. And because these tiles are the classic type, they can stay for longer years.

Bricks are more on the traditional and conventional style. They are perfect decorations for kitchen and bathroom interiors, and can match any fixtures in your home kitchens. This can create a traditional look in a contemporary flavor and adds charm and comfort to these spaces. These tiles can be an outstanding d├ęcor in modern bathrooms using the retro theme and elicits comfortable feelings.

Whether you use either of these wall tiles, or use them in combination, the result is always excellent. Bathrooms and other spaces infuse ideas that integrate these type of tiles as wall decors and evokes a feeling of joy and cheer. Materials that are natural, plus colors that are pleasant for bathroom and kitchen spaces enhances the mood of a person.

Here are some tips that can be useful when using these tiles for your spaces:

Fashionable kitchen tiles

There are actually countless types of tiles that can beautify a particular kitchen. You can either make designs and themes according to your taste such as retro, classy, modern or simple. Whatever it is, there are various tiles that you can work on with these.

For every project that you create, you can feature a border to emphasize its functionality and there are lovely tile designs available in the market that you can choose from. Opting for a brick and metro wall tile can be so fascinating for any kitchen project that needs to be inspired.

Inviting Bathroom tiles

Who wouldn’t want a bathroom that is cozy and fantastic? All these you can achieve if you remodel and decorate it with awesome tiles that look way attractive than you think. Glossy, easy to maintain tiles such as bricks is a mixture of practicality and fashion. There are numerous shapes as well as sizes that are available for you.

These tiles can be used as it is to suit your bathroom or can be combined with other designs that can make your bathroom look attractive. You can even be more creative and make your own patterns to make something personal and customized. Whatever you want to do with your bathroom to redecorate and refurnish it, tiles are great and stunning materials that you can use.


Our homes are the visions of ourselves. We always want to see a fresh and comfortable abode that we can share with the family, friends and those who are close to us. That is why we think of ways to provide good maintenance and refurbish parts of our homes the way we want them to be. Designs, styles and fashions for our homes are also aspects to make our lifestyle more pleasing and easy.

Materials like tiles are great deals in making our spaces such as kitchen, dining, bathroom and other areas, exciting places where we can explore and show our personalities. Our homes are the extension of ourselves, and we always expect it to be presentable, if not the best. Choose the best decors and materials in enhancing the beauty of your properties. Go for durability and style. They always go hand in hand.