Learning Tile Patterns

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Tile Patterns: The Ultimate Quick Read Beginner’s Guide, Including Secrets of Tile Professionals Revealed!

Tile patterns can enhance the look, feel, and atmosphere of any room, but that is only if they are used correctly. To be able to choose the right pattern for your space you need to know the secrets of the professionals and how to apply them. And with tile pattern names like Versailles and herringbone which might not be so self-explanatory to someone who is not a pro., you’ll also need to know what each one is as well. So here are the the most useful and popular patterns which everyone considering using tiles in their home needs to know, with of course the secrets to using them to their full potential. http://www.tilehomeguide.com/tile-patterns-the-ultimate-quick-read-beginners-guide-including-secrets-of-tile-professionals-revealed/

Learning Tile Patterns

A New Pentagon Shape That Tiles An A Plane

You can’t tile a regular pentagon – with all its sides and interior angles equal – but you can tile triangles and squares in innumerable shapes and sizes. As for a convex heptagon or octagon, it was mathematically proven there’s no such shape that can tile in a plane. Tiling pentagons, however, is an open problem, one that’s been fascinating mathematicians for over a century. The first to prove a pentagon could be tiled was German mathematician Karl Reinhardt who discovered five such shapes that tile in 1918. http://www.zmescience.com/science/math/pentagon-tiles-surface-0342523454/#ixzz3kULkUxaU

Tiles of Unusual Shape and Size

When shopping for tile for the home, you will find that there are a lot of options. However, you will also find that a majority of the options are fairly standard in shape and size. Squares of various specific sizes are most common with some rectangular shapes also being widely available.

To make tile in the home more aesthetically interesting, you should choose tiles of unusual shape and size. Combining different sizes in one space (whether grouped together by size or laid out in one stretch) is a great visual option. Oddly shaped mosaics are another option. And choosing standard shapes with patterns that provide an optical illusion effect would be yet another option. http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/65908/list/tiles-of-unusual-shape-and-size

Choosing Glass Tiles for Backsplashes

Glass tiles for backsplashes are available in just about every color you can imagine. They are also made in interesting shapes beyond the typical four inch by four inch format that “backsplash tile” calls to mind, or the popular subway tile pattern. Think long, slender tiles evocative of a luxurious spa, or vintage round and octagonal mosaic tiles. Glass tiles also come in more traditional configurations such as square shapes and decorative edge pieces. http://index.about.com/