The Beauty of Border Tiles

Border TilesIf you intend to bring some attention to a floor or a wall, or you want to make a high-ceiling room look warm and cozy, adding a border is the perfect and most convenient solution. There is a vast number of options available to choose from that range from border tiles including striking patterns, artful designs and colourful tiles that enhance the rest of the more neutral coloured wall and floor tiles. You can add designs, colours, shapes and patterns and combine them with ceramic trim tile, edgings and borders.

Trim tiles help to accentuate the installation and hide the edges of the field tiles. Borders and edgings also come under the category of trim tiles. Their shapes, colours, designs, and patterns provide definition and accents to your layout. Trim tiles are divided into two, namely, surface trim and radius trim. Surface trim is mostly useful when the setting bed and the surrounding surface are on the same plane. Radius trim comes in handy when the setting bed is above the surrounding surface.

There are several aspects that you need to account for before choosing the ideal border tile for your arrangement to make it aesthetically pleasing. One needs to make sure to get trim tiles from the same manufacturer who is providing you with the field tiles. If you cannot the both, then you should rather go for metal, wood, or PVC edging.

Budget has commonly been the main issue when it comes to trim tiles as they can be doubly expensive than field tiles. But nothing beats borders as they look spectacular, especially because they define edges dramatically. Borders tiles are a great way of spicing up a professional looking layout. It is most commonly used to finish an edge to perfection. Accent tiles, at times made of glass, can take almost any form but usually come in handy when you are dealing with contrasting colours, sizes, shapes, or textures.

What type of border tiles would make your layout like you dreamed of is also determined by the spectrum of colours that you choose. For instance, you can select lighter hues to make a small or dark room look bigger and radiant. You can choose to be bold and adventurous by using wild, bright and exotic colours which can give fascinating and unique effects in your home. It is all about one’s personal preference. You can take the liberty to add extra spice by breaking up the wall tiling with border tiles and decors.

Border and d├ęcor tiles are available in a range of configurations to suit your design requirements. Edge trim look stunning with rounded edges and can be used along the boundaries of walls and counter tops. You can also lay them out as base tiles on the floor. But stay within the confines of what you have seen and idealized. Once you are sure about your bathroom palette, you are free to choose from the wide array of borders to match your tiles and create enlivening features in your living space.